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Address: 102, 2nd Buliding, 11 SiHai Road, ChangShu Economic Development Zone, JiangSu Province, 215513, China
Tel: 0086 512 51915206
Fax: 0086 512 51915209
Email: service@gdnano.com; gdnano@aliyun.com
GDNANO attends SEMICON 2018 [2018-1-30] (点击362)
Fully autoed Imprinting machine accepted by customer [2017-7-5] (点击682)
GDNANO moves into new site [2015-10-10] (点击1567)
GDnano launches production machine [2015-4-14] (点击926)
GDnano receives VC investment [2015-4-2] (点击1539)
5microns GmbH becomes exclusive agency of GDnano in Europe [2014-12-4] (点击1791)
GD Nano has shipped first machine to Germany [2014-8-25] (点击1288)
GDNano receives 2014 National Innovation Fund [2014-7-31] (点击1158)
GD Nano Product acquires CE certificate [2014-6-10] (点击1331)
GDNano product received "High-tech new product" certificate [2014-5-29] (点击1176)
GD Nano launches Alignment Nano-imprinting system [2013-12-20] (点击1524)
GDNano launches new website [2013-11-21] (点击1526)
SuZhou GuangDuo Micro,Nano-Device Co.,Ltd [2013-10-25] (点击1800)
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